49ers and Chiefs are now favorites to win the 2024 Super Bowl

The odds for the teams in the NFL are out. The San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs have emerged as the two favorite teams to win the 2024 Super Bowl. Both of them sport an odd of +550. A bet worth $10 comes with the chance of fetching $65 in return.

They are closely followed by the Philadelphia Eagles, with odds of +650. The Arizona Cardinals are at the bottom of the list, with just +55000 odds in their favor. Meaning, bettors can take home $5,510 in total after tabling a bet of $10. The same odds are shared with the Carolina Panthers and Chicago Bears.

The 49ers are leading the chart with their 4-0 performance. The most recent victory was against the Arizona Cardinals. It was a win by 35-16, with only the third quarter seeing them score nothing. However, that did not stop the 49ers from bringing up 35 points. The Cardinals stood no chance right from the beginning, courtesy of 4 TDs by Christian McCaffrey.

Only Michael Wilson could back the side with 2 TDs. Matt Prater did contribute 4 points, but then that was it.

The biggest win was when the 49ers were up against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The 49ers were 30-7 by the end of the game. It was a play of the first half when they took the level to 20 points while restricting the opponent to just 7 points. Christian brought a single with Brandon Aiyuk, who went for a double.

Such a performance instantly made them everyone’s favorites to win the 2024 Super Bowl. Later came the surprise entry of the Chiefs, who ran at the end of the 4th week with just a single loss and three wins.

Their wins have also been phenomenal, like those of the 49ers. What brought confidence to the minds of bettors was the play with the Bears, where the Chiefs scored 41 against 10 scored by the Bears.

A massive score of 27 points in a single quarter supported that game. The Chiefs nearly broke the entire game moments before breaking for the first half. Every major player pitched in: Blaine Gabbert, Isaiah Pacheco, and Travis Kelce, to name a few.

Justin Fields reported one interception and one touchdown for 99 yards. D.J. Moore attempted a severe jump to keep hopes alive; however, the game was done and dusted by halftime itself. His 1 TD and 41-yard coverage went down the drain.

According to the latest sports news, the Chiefs will next play with the Vikings and the Broncos in the upcoming two-week games. The 49ers will face the Cowboys and the Browns in their next two-week games.

The odds mentioned here are true as of the time of drafting this article. They are subject to change due to many factors, including losses in the following games, withdrawals of players due to injuries, and others.

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