BGaming concludes Streamer Battle 2023 by Scatters Club

Scatters Club recently held an online event called Streamer Battle 2023. It was definitely an upgrade from the previous edition, especially if the prize pool is considered. The top three winners took home the grand prize, while others shared a pool of $7,000.

Streamers Battle started on March 10, 2023, and ended on March 24, 2023. The 2-week-long event held everyone’s attention on the official site and the Discord channel. The event was backed by partners of BGaming, namely Casinolytics and Scatters Club.

It featured 16 streamers from across the globe. They flew in from Canada, Chile, Andorra, Hungary, and Malta. They were tasked with generating content for the local audience by venturing out on interesting quests and rolling out on the battlefields. Notably, all the streamers laid a core focus on responsible gaming, something that BGaming has been backing for a long time.

Players often engage with platforms but lose track of time and money they have put into the game. Later on, losing most of it by crossing the budget.

Streamer Battle 2023 saw some of the top streamers appear for the event. One of them was Andypsx, who currently ranks in the top ten streamers for the online casino category. The same has been confirmed by the Casinolytics platform.

The prize pool of $25,000 was split into two parts: $18,000 was dedicated to primary battles, and the remaining $7,000 was dedicated to participants who crashed out of the tournament without making it to the top three. Here is a brief table to demonstrate the distribution by BGaming.

WinnersPositionReward ($)
Mowehhuku1st$10,000 plus $1,000 for viewers
Remaining 5 winners$7,000

The five winners shared a reward for the quests they pursued. Streamer Battle 2023 was held live on the official site of the event and the Discord channel of the Scatter Club Community.

Moving forward, Scatters Club has expressed its commitment to organizing the event with a bigger prize pool of $250,000. It will take place in June 2023, making the current edition the first event of the year. As of now, there is no word about the event taking place after June 2023.

BGaming has said in the official announcement that it will continue supporting Scatters Club’s initiatives in 2023. To develop a new game, BGaming has also stated that the goal is to create a player-driven community.

BGaming’s Maksim Krotau has truly outlined a number of the events that will occur in 2023. The Streamers Relations Lead has stated that a total of six events will take place this year, with a total prize pool of $250,000. Maksim has described Steamer’s Battle’s success as huge, demonstrating their dedication to fostering a positive culture surrounding the game.

Ellina Minkevich from Scatters Club has said they have seen an increasing interest in events like these from the streamers. The Event Manager has also acknowledged that there will be five more events this year to welcome participants from different parts of the world.

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