Boyd Gaming Discharges 2500 Employees in Las Vegas

An Overview

Casinos are right now in the news world. Boyd Gaming is a well-known owner and operator of ten casinos in Nevada. Due to the global pandemic at its worst stage, the casinos have cut off some of its employees. According to the record, 25 percent of the workforce has been cut down. This 25 percent allots to around 2500 employees. This cutting off has been done in Nevada.

Businesses are suffering from losses

There has been a mass giving up of these employees. This giving up of most businesses has been due to the low traffic at the casinos. Casinos and other businesses in Nevada are suffering from losses. As a result, thousands of employees are laid off in Phase 2. The exceptions have been made with the bars, though. Bars are the only places where the food is not served.

WARN Act letters are passed on

The global pandemic and increasing restrictions are the reasons for these giving ups. Boyd Gaming filed WARN Act. According to the Act, the employees are provided with letters. These Act letters clearly state that May month would be the time of the layoffs. These giving ups are mainly because of the government rules. The government has still not permitted to reopen the casinos and other businesses. The sharp fall in the business market in the casino world is one of the major reasons behind cutting off of the employees.

A major cut in the existing employees

A report placed has been with the Nevada Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation Center. In terms of the company, 25 percent of the existing employees are to receive temporary layout letters. Whereas, 60 percent of the existing employees will receive permanent letters of layoffs.

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