Caesars and MGM receive consent to extend the contract

Culinary members, a group of 226 people, readily agreed to the five-year contract extensions with Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts International. Caesars executives accounted for 99 percent of the votes cast. A comparable account pertained to the MGM employees. Employees of Wynn have not yet voted.

Employees demanded a higher salary, greater work-life balance, and a lack of technological interference. Each employee will receive a 10% raise, according to union representatives. Upon completing the five-year contract, they will receive a total raise of 32%.

This is exactly how the Screen Actors Guild and Writers Guild took a stand against using AI in terms of TV and moviemaking. The casino businesses were also involved, resulting in the retrenchment of their workers.

As per the new contract, the workers require a six-month notice period prior to the entry of AI technology. The unions need to be a part of the selection of prototypes and vendors.

However, no commitments have been made regarding job losses due to the introduction of AI. The concept posits that companies must perpetually expand. Employees will not receive specialized technical courses to familiarize themselves with the AI sector.

In the case of employees receiving the ouster, they will get $2,000 in the form of severance according to their years of employment. Added will be six months of health and pension advantages. One cannot take it for granted that the Wynn workers will agree to all of this.

In the case of MGM Grand in Detroit, the workers are currently striking despite their co-workers at Motorcity Casino and Hollywood Casino in Greektown consented. Even if Wynn workers agree, there is still every chance for a strike. 

The three companies run multiple casinos, yet since there are 24 independent casinos on the Las Vegas Strip as well as in Downtown Las Vegas, there has been no conclusion with the union.  

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