Evoplay adds another title, Perfect Fishing, to its arsenal

Evoplay, one of the ultimate top-of-the-line online slots providers, has added yet another fantastic online gaming title to their catalog. Perfect Fishing is the title of the just-released game. The entire theme and plot revolve around fishing, with a lake filled with fish of various sizes in the background set against a mountainous landscape.

A fisherman serves as the main character in the online game Perfect Fishing. As part of the story, he casts his fishing line into the lake’s calm water in the hopes of catching the enormous ‘Golden Fish.’ If only the smaller ones are caught, they can be cashed in for an immediate award.

In this situation, all connected players are allowed to throw the fishing line right back into the waters with the small fish as bait. This gives them the option of being able to net some bigger fish, as the bait plays the role of multipliers. The players then get to earn themselves greater awards. The multipliers seem also to get multiplied.

The top of the screen allows tracking the multipliers’ incremental increases. The tracker also keeps a close eye on the quality of each catch, increasing the player’s first bet by 1024x. In this situation, it so happens that the big fish move considerably more slowly than the smaller ones, and the players must keep this in mind while they cast their fishing line and gather the catch.

This narrative happens to be very much akin to another title of the provider, which caught on with all of the gaming fraternity and became much sought-after. The name of the popular slot was The Greatest Catch.

Ivan Kravchuk, the CEO of Evoplay, says that everyone on the team is pleased that they were able to introduce this interesting and exciting game to the gaming community. They also have a lot of expectations from the game, as, in his opinion, that should be the case.

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