FanDuel acquires BeyondPlay, an igaming software supplier

FanDuel, a subsidiary of Flutter Entertainment, has acquired BeyondPlay, an authority on user engagement in online gambling. As per the agreement, BeyondPlay and FanDuel Casino, the iGaming division of FanDuel, will merge. In regard to the financial implications of the transaction, specific information has not been disclosed.

BeyondPlay was established in 2021. It is a B2B technology that offers iGaming software targeting player involvement. It is tied up with operators throughout multiple markets and is a certified player in the markets of Malta, the UK, and Sweden.  

Presently, it provides two main products: one, a jackpot management module with customized jackpot efforts, and the other, multiplayer software. This provides users with the option of playing similar casino game settings and pooling their stakes. 

As the CEO of BeyondPlay, Karolina Pelc, put it, it has been an absolute delight to observe the organization’s gradual but consistent ascent. The acquisition serves as a testament to the team’s efficacy with respect to their products. She believes that, with FanDuel by their side, they will now go the extra mile.

Asaf Noifeld, managing director of FanDuel Casino, asserts that the acquisition of BeyondPlay was a strategic decision that will facilitate the attainment of both immediate and long-term objectives.

In contrast, BeyondPaly has secured the support of a multitude of investors and corporate entities. It has a history of affiliations with numerous game studios. BeyondPlay secured $5.51 million through a funding round in April 2023, initiated by Bettor Capital and oversubscribed. Increased backing was obtained from corporations such as Tigrim Capital and Winforton Investments. 

The funding round also involved investments from industry specialists like the founder of SportingBet, Mark Blandford, as well as the founder and chief executive of Alea, Alexandre Tomic. 

Bettor Capital, an investment company targeting the real-money iGaming space, has been backing BeyondPlay for a while now. In February 2023, LeoVegas sold 25% of its shares in BeyondPlay to Bettor Capital for 1.9 million euros. 

Initially, BeyondPlay was referred to as SharedPlay. 

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