FTC wants MGM resorts to answer the 2023 cyberattack probe

The Federal Trade Commission has petitioned the court to compel MGM Resorts to disclose its account of the 2023 cyberattack that occurred on its premises. The FTC is enlisting the assistance of the US District Court in Nevada to request an investigation into the matter.

In the meantime, MGM Resorts is maintaining a stoic silence on the issue. 

The FTC has appealed the decision, arguing that the agency needs court enforcement so that its investigators may get to work quickly and accurately. The FTC humbly requests that this court order MGM to appear and provide justification for its refusal to comply with the CID. If the FTC’s petition is granted, the court will enter an order forcing MGM to deliver the records and data stipulated in the CID.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, the investigation is essential because the resort has experienced several comparable incidents before the September incident, in which the personal information of customers was also compromised. The appeal underscores the necessity for the MGM to comply with the court’s directives and confront the CID in the near future.

The petition pertains to MGM’s ongoing lawsuit against the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and its chairwoman, Lina Khan, which was lodged in the District of Columbia District Court in April.

According to a spokesperson from the MGM camp, they have consistently maintained their opposition to the demands and desires of criminals, including the agreement to pay any form of ransom. They are recognized for their insistence on adhering to all the rules and regulations established by the government and will not sway from their position. That is how the Resort has operated and will continue to operate.

In his opinion, if it ever seems like the authorities are taking the swindler’s side, it will create an extremely harmful precedent. 

He refrained from further commenting on the matter, as it is currently under appeal.

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