Fury of HYDE Megaways: Yggdrasil & Jelly’s 1st mysterious series launch

The first chapter of the London-based Curious Cases series slot adventure is out courtesy of the partnership between Yggdrasil and Jelly. The slot title is based on the classic adventures of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The theme is centered around an expected and yet mysterious quest through the streets of London.

Many more chapters will be launched by Yggdrasil and Jelly following the expected success of Fury of HYDE Megaways. For now, players can enjoy the big win potential that is generated after they land four bonus symbols. The landing leads to triggering a round of free spins, which increases the multipliers and, therefore, the win potential of a player. It makes HYDE Super Spin more interesting by giving a hope of generating it with the multipliers.

Talking a bit more about the HYDE Super Spin, it is a highly volatile feature that can be triggered at any spin, no questions asked. If triggered, HYDE Super Spin removes all the symbols and increases multipliers white, boosting the minimum Megaways. Yes, all this happens in a single super spin while plating Fury of HYDE Megaways.

Calling it a great addition to the portfolio, Stuart McCarthy from Yggdrasil believes that the game will surely appeal to a large number of fans, especially with an attractive storyline and amazing artwork. The Head of Products & Programs at Yggdrasil has also talked about the huge win potential that the slot title carries for players, saying that anyone who is looking for an adventure with known characters must play this title.

Stuart is also sure that players would be unable to resist the temptation of waiting for the next installment in the Curious Cases Series.

Victoria Newbolt from Jelly has said that everyone is proud of the slot title since it introduces players to a whole new world of the Curious Cases Series. The Marketing Lead at Jelly is confident that Fury of HYDE Megaways will take players on an exciting slot journey that is inspired by legends, tales, and myths.

Fury of HYDE Megaways is backed by GATI, a technology of Yggdrasil that allows its partners to employ a development toolkit for the production of content that is later distributed across the world. The said development toolkit comes in the form of a regulation-ready, preconfigured, and standardized set.

Yggdrasil is driven by a passion for gaming and the mission of entertaining the world. It commits to delivering iconic experiences to the users and premium partnerships to operators. 

The partnership with Jelly has a lot to offer since only the first chapter of the Curious Cases Series has been launched. Furthermore, it is hoped that this new slot game series will help in keeping the players entertained for a longer period of time.

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