Goncalo Peres stays ahead in the World Series of Poker Europe

Goncalo Peres, Portuguese, stayed ahead of the other contestants until the end of the day’s gameplay. He was seen to have accumulated an enormous amount of chips for himself, to the tune of 1,762,000. With this occurrence, the World Series of Poker Europe Main Event saw the end of gameplay on the second day. There was collectively an amount of 763 players who were able to register themselves in the form of being contestants. However, by the fag end of the day, out of all of the initial registrations, there remained an amount of just a mere amount of 166 players competing aggressively against each other.  

It was Marco Slacanac who stood in second position. He remained the second most skilled player participating in the poker game. He incidentally happens to belong to Germany. In his case, by the end of the second day’s play, he saw him with another huge stack of an amount of 1,615,000 chips altogether. He also plays with a lot of zest and expertise, focusing on giving the poker game his best. In all of these scenarios, however, there were some who everybody connected with the game had a lot of expectations.

Unfortunately, they were not able to make their mark. They were the names such as Allen Kessler and Paulina Loeliger. On the third day of play, there will be amenities for live streaming of the poker game for all interested viewers. This World Series of Poker main event will be spread over five days.

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