Konami Gaming and Xailient join hands to launch SYNK Vision

Konami Gaming and Xailient have made major advancements in the casino industry. They have entered into a strategic partnership to announce SYNK Vision to enhance the customer experience through enhanced harm minimization and secure identity management.

Interestingly, it is being considered a serious take on achieving responsible gambling. The ultimate goal is to replace magnetic player tracking cards at the slots and tables, paving the way for facial recognition technology.

Konami Gaming brings to the table its expertise in the SYNKROS casino management system. Xailient, on the other hand, brings its advanced AI facial recognition capabilities. While the primary offering is a convenient login feature, it further aims to roll out anonymous bonuses to players and track their activities.

Tom Soukup, the Senior VP and Chief SPO at Konami Gaming has expressed their confidence in the partnership by stating that they are a step closer to achieving enhanced operational efficiency while also enhancing the customer experience. Tom has highlighted that their goal is to shape the future of the casino industry via technology that is innovative and driven by excellence.

According to the casino news, Lars Oleson, the Chief Executive Officer of Xailient, has called this strategic partnership a significant step in the direction of transforming the industry, adding that they are still passionate about how one leverages AI to create impactful solutions.

Advanced harm minimization measures, anonymous player tracking, and cardless login are features that support SYNK Vision.

To start with cardless login, players can simply sit at a slot machine, and the machine will automatically identify the player and log them to the system till the end of the game. Players no longer have to remember their credentials to get started with slot or table games. Anonymous player tracking and bonusing aim to preserve the privacy of players and yet deliver rewards that are customized for them.

The AI algorithm of the system addresses potential harmful behaviors by tracking players who are anonymous and known. It then sends an alert to the staff, who can later interfere to take the relevant course of action. AML tracking is close to becoming a reality, too. Anti-money laundering is a section that authorities worldwide are taking notes about. The strategic partnership between Konami Gaming and Xailient brings SYNK Vision, which can track and help with regulatory compliance. Thereby, benefiting casinos and patrons alike.

SYNK Vision has only been introduced at the moment. Its launch is yet to be scheduled, with a tentative date yet to be decided. It is being referred to as a testament to their dedication to enhancing the casino experience and implementing innovation.

Casinos have been under the radar for several reasons, with problem gambling and AML being among the top ones. SYNK Vision helps innovatively deal with both, pushing Konami Gaming and Xailient to the top spot in the industry and setting a benchmark.

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