Mediatonic Launches Ninja Skin in a New Avatar for its New Game

Mediatonic, the popular gaming company, has made an important announcement regarding the new Ninja look in its upcoming game, the ‘Fall Guys.’ Apparently, this is not the first time the Ninja look is being given much attention. Previously, Epic Game also experimented with the Ninja skin for a battle royal game named, ‘It is an electronic game,’ followed by another popular battle royale title, ‘Fortnite.’ Fall Guys will be now joining this league by launching its Ninja look. 

Ninja is amongst the top game streamers with a remarkably high rating regarding game promotions and esports events, which is why popular gaming corporates prefer experimenting with their exclusive Ninja looks. As per reports, the Ninja skin in the Fall Guys will feature blue spiked Ninja hair along with a headband. The players can now grab the Ninja skin from the game store, thus making it easy for the players to obtain these items through gameplay. 

The upper half and the lower half of the leather cost one crown each; the Crown is the digital currency used in the game. Ninja’s custom look reflects his ongoing influence in the game, and though the game merchandise also contains other top and bottom skin components, wolf masks, and big ft., Ninja skin proves to be the highest streamers when it comes to devices. 

This continuous approach to experiment with looks speaks volumes about the company’s objective to keep the game as exciting for players as it was previously. Rather than relying only on seasonal updates, the company pays attention to other details like outfits or mid-season map changes to retain players. Time will tell whether using Ninja’s brings more players to the game and retains the existing ones.

The decision to have their in-game costume solidified after the announcement of the ‘the Battle of Brands’ in which individual brands could have their in-house customized costumes of the games. However, this decision did not go down quite well with many players, and many players even threatened to uninstall the game if Ninja changed his costume. 

Ninja became a global icon after Fortnite was released in 2017 when Ninja just had black bling and his skin, and the players became used to seeing Ninja-like this. Popular personalities and organizations like Blevins, Aim Lab G2 Esports, and Jimmy Donaldson pledged a combined $1 million to add the skin (Special Effect), which will help people with physical disabilities to find ways to play the game.

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