Nevada Gaming breaks record for the 27th month!

As per a monthly revenue report released by the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB), there has been a consistent earning of over $1 billion every month through gambling. This has been continuing for the past 27 months. Considering the month of May 2023, the state’s casinos were responsible for bringing in a whopping $1.28 billion in terms of revenue generation. 

In the case of collective casino-based earnings, there has been a downward slide to the tune of 0.84% every year and, simultaneously, an upward swing on the $1.2 billion that was projected for April 2023. The $1 billion mark has been crossed by gambling activities month after month. 

The income that was earned on the Strip amounted to $715.9 million, which means there was a decline to the tune of 2.1% if one brings the previous similar month’s earnings in 2023 into the picture. At the same time, there was an upward trend of 14.5% when considering the $624.7 million figure that was witnessed in the month before. 

According to the gambling news, the casinos existing in Clark County itself were responsible for bringing in $1.1 billion in terms of earnings, which speaks of a yearly lessening of 1%. The taxes that were accrued in the month amounted to $84.2 million, which showed a downward trend of 1.69% in comparison with May 2022. It turns out that in the financial year till now, the state has come in for a total of $971.18 million in terms of tax collection. 

In the case of the sports betting operators belonging to Nevada, they managed to collect $30.1 million in the form of earnings for the month of May 2023. This meant a furthering of 11% each year. The overall betting amount that went to Sportsbook was to the tune of $527 million in May, spelling out a decline of 6% if one is to consider the same month in 2022. Betting via mobile applications, along with online sportsbooks, cornered a share of 67.9% of the total month’s earnings.

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