New Jersey Devils score OT hat trick to beat Vegas Golden Knights

The New Jersey Devils were practically down 5-3 against the Vegas Golden Knights in a game of ice hockey in New Jersey. However, the OT played out pretty well for them after the defensive structure of the Knights collapsed unexpectedly. They came back from the yard and registered the tally of 6-5 for the win, delivering the Knights their 7th straight loss on the road.

Tyler Toffoli has been hailed for the win, for he bagged three goals in the game. Vegas were strong until the second section, wherein they edged for the win by a single goal. The Devils balanced that by navigating their way around the goalkeeper, scoring one goal, and making it to the OT after that. Prudential Center had, at one point, assumed that the Knights would emerge victorious. They didn’t, but they stood at the second rank in the Pacific Division with 60 points in total.

Bruce Cassidy, the coach of the Vegas Golden Knights, has addressed this loss during his interaction with the media, stating that the plays by the side were careless and disrespectful. Bruce has also said that they did not defend their principles and structures at all, probably thinking that it was a pre-season game.

In a surprising twist for those involved in hockey betting, Vegas orchestrated a comeback within the next 11:29 time window after initially trailing 3-1, ultimately surging ahead to claim a 5-3 lead.

The Knights are now tasked with winning their upcoming ice hockey games. The upcoming three games are scheduled to happen with the Islanders, the Rangers, and the Red Wings. Also, goaltender Adin Hill is likely to make his appearance on December 17, 2023. The gap is well justified by his lower-body injury.

The New Jersey Devils are at 24-18-3, while the Vegas Golden Knights are at 27-14-6. The Golden Knights had come after winning three consecutive events against the Predators, the Rangers, and the Penguins, in the same order. All of them ended with the Knights bagging a win with a good GD. The Devils had lost to the Stars by 6-2, making it imperative for them to win at least another game.

The Knights were led by Jonathan, who brought in two goals and one assist. He was complemented by Nicolas and Chandler, who demonstrated their skills with one goal each.

Overall, the Knights losing their ice hockey game on the road for the 7th straight time in the NHL has been grounded in three reasons: lapses in the defensive stretch, sloppy turnovers, and a lack of effort by Logan Thompson as a goaltender. Bruce Cassidy is to work on most of them and shape players for better decision-making, especially in the over-time. Near NHL ice hockey games to look forward to are Red Wings versus Stars and Canadiens versus Senators.

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