Novomatic launches VIP X Series in Las Vegas

Novomatic has announced the launch of the VIP X Series, a premium product line in G2E Las Vegas. The aim here is to offer the best VIP experience to players while leveraging the best of land-based gaming. It brings together the elements of social, emotional, and sensory stimulation.

Interestingly, the introduction includes comfortable chairs, an integrated sound system, and wide gaming screens. This will give an immersive gaming experience to players and a reason for them to visit the venue. While it could sound less fascinating, the comparison is sure to be done with players who will be missing out on the offerings.

Las Vegas remains at the center when it comes to entertainment. There were several reasons for players to come here for the first time or to return at their convenience. Now, there is a reason for them to stay a little longer, which makes sense, considering they will be given VIP treatment during their stay.

Offerings feature the following by Novomatic:

  • VIP X Royal 1.85
  • VIP X Dream 3.43
  • VIP X Lounge 2.32

Every other element mentioned before this is on top of that, helping operators attract a larger crowd now.

According to the gaming news, the Vice President of Global Sales and Product Management for the brand has said that operators should not just think big but also use the USPs they have. Thomas Schmalzer has added that they aim to nurture the same thing by focusing on different aspects. Thomas is confident that operators will be able to introduce an exceptional X-perience on their floor to offer their guests what they deserve.

The development comes two months after Novomatic’s venture in Romania confirmed its participation in the Entertainment Arena Expo. That will be the 15th edition of the event. It is regarded as the most prestigious event in the B2B category. Novomatic will feature itself in stand #101. Diana Munteanu will be the counter’s host. Diana has been accompanying the brand for the last 2 years and is now looking forward to welcoming visitors to this edition.

The event dates back to early September 2023; however, mentioning that at the moment establishes how well Novomatic does when it comes to engaging with the community. For instance, there were exclusive prizes for the winners of the surprise tournament along with signed copies by the brand ambassador, Ilie Nastase – representing

Another step taken by Novomatic is pushing for a new management structure. It pertains to the African arm; however, it signifies how serious Novomatic is about backing its first-class products and services in different market segments of South Africa.

Novomatic is stepping up the game in Las Vegas by ensuring that players have a VIP experience. The new sophisticated VIP X Premium line is expected to support operators in providing an exceptional experience on their floors.

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