Pariplay releases New Client Area designed for Fusion Partners

Pariplay recently announced the release of its new Client Area for Fusion partners. The area will help operators by delivering numerous game assets in a single site.

The NeoGames SA subsidiary released an official post to inform users about the launch. The new Client Area is an addition to Pariplay’s extensive Fusion portfolio. The one-of-its-kind Fusion platform allows users to easily cross-filter, download, and search marketing assets.

It also proposes access to game info sheets, gamer files certification, and game rules. All of these assets are set in Pariplay’s portfolio of tier-one, localized, and high-value games. In addition, Fusion offers a single, unified approach to content delivery.

Its focus is to offer better efficiencies alongside unmatched ROI to operators. With over 14,000 games on display, Fusion is helping 100+ suppliers gain exposure. It is also accompanying a vast set of back-office retention and conversion tools.

These tools are focused on enhancing the player value, which includes Raffle Rocket, Spin that Wheel and Fusion Tournaments. The managing director of Pariplay, Adrian Bailey, also talked about the launch.

According to Adrian, Pariplay’s motto is to make life simpler for its partners. That is why the latest Client Area has been designed with this motto in mind. It lets the partners save effort and time while offering them the right tools to stand out in the regulated market.

Everyone is looking forward to sharing the Client Area with the partners at ICE London. Pariplay expects a positive reaction from all the partners since it will be a major game changer in this domain. 

The Pariplay community has welcomed the Client Area warmly, paving the path for its success at the upcoming meet.

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