Real Estate Listing of Laughlin Hotel- Casino Taken Down

Pioneer, a casino-hotel in Laughlin since 2017, is famous for its cheaper rooms, casinos, and many other reasons. It was recently observed that there has been a listing of New Pioneer Hotel casino in Laughlin, which showed up on a commercial real estate listing site. Laughlin is a small town across the river from Arizona, which is similar to Las Vegas in terms of gambling but generates a mere fraction of revenue compared to Las Vegas in gambling. It is also quite popular among retirees because of the low-priced rooms, open deserts, sunshine, private beaches, boating, and other activities in Colorado.

The New Pioneer Hotel consists of more than 400 rooms, the Bumbleberry Flats restaurants, and the menu includes chickens, waffles, and bacon meatloaf. It is also observed that the ratio of tourists has increased since the pandemic is over. The Casino-hotel is the same as before the coronavirus outbreak. It is estimated that more than 117,300 people visited Laughlin in May, and the gambling revenue generated by the whole town was $48.1 million in May. The total is up from 82,600 visitors who visited Laughlin in the month of January, along with the rise in revenue from $33.5 million as per the reports of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.

The New Pioneer Hotel-Casino is one of the many casinos listed in Laughlin, and this week, it was seen on the listing site LoopNet with a price tag of $36 million. On Thursday, it was reported that the listing of The New Pioneer Hotel – Casino was taken down because of the inquires made on Wednesday. The Attorney of The New Pioneer Hotel-Casino stated that the advertisement on the LoopNet was unauthorized and had to be taken down on their client’s request.

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