Tropicana Las Vegas resort closing to make way for an MLB arena

The iconic landmark, Tropicana Las Vegas, which has witnessed the footfall of legendary mobsters and the like, has finally closed its shutters. This is another bit of history in the making. 

The structure is expected to be pulled down sometime in October. In its place, a Major League Basketball Stadium will be constructed at a cost of $1.5 billion.

If one encounters Charlie Granado, the property’s bartender, who is merely speechless but inside hopes the best for the establishment, one can understand how deeply emotionally charged the event is for its employees. 

When the Tropicana came into existence, Clark County had a population of a little more than 100,000. The cost of the property came at a cost of $15 million at that point in time. It was popularly known as the Tiffany of the Strip owing to its lush green lawns and overall facade. Personalities like Elizabeth Taylor and others have graced Tropicana with their illustrious presence. 

Names like Joe Zappulla of New Jersey will go down in history for being one of the last guests to have enjoyed their stay at the opulent hotel. His favorite part of the casino was the craps table. His emotional meltdown also revealed a great deal about his emotional connection to this place.

Tropicana had undergone countless restructurings during its prime, with a focus on adapting to changing needs as time went on. According to a former employee, Barbara Boggess stated that Tropicana was advertised in the 1980s under the name “the Island of Las Vegas.”

According to the casino news, The hotel gained the infamous reputation of being a haven for not-so-intelligent citizens, who would often crowd the place. On the other hand, this only helped to increase the mystique surrounding the hotel, making it a must-go for the curious. Mobster Frank Costello often came under the spotlight within the hallowed halls of the grand hotel.

The stadium is expected to come up sometime in 2028.

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