University of Colorado Partners with Sports Betting Operator PointsBet

The postponement of different athletic events has resulted in significant fiscal concerns for the University of Colorado (CU). To mitigate this situation, the university is focusing on alternate revenue sources. In this situation, the University of Colorado entered into a five-year partnership with PointsBet, a sports betting operator in Denver.

CU’s Partnership with PointsBet

Rick George, Athletic Director, CU, said that they are very excited about this partnership and think that it will turn into an excellent opportunity for all the student-athletes. Rick added that as part of the partnership, PointsBet would be providing support to career development and Scripps Leadership programs at CU.

According to Rick, discussions were going on for several months about this partnership and they expect that student-athletes will be able to avail world-class experience due to this partnership. Since PointsBet is a local company, they are optimistic their students will benefit post their playing days with the possibility of postgraduate and internship jobs at PointsBet.

Johnny Aitken, CEO of PointsBet, said that they are thrilled that the partnership has materialized and it is an integral part of their ongoing quest of becoming synonymous with sports betting in Colorado.

About PointsBet

PointsBet is considered to be a market leader due to its responsible gaming efforts. This partnership will help in generating awareness about responsible gaming and also about education related to sports betting.

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