UNLV seeks stories on Las Vegas’ sporting History & Culture

Las Vegas has been famous as an entertainment capital for decades. However, it is now becoming a major role player in sports. Nevertheless, the city is known as a gambling paradise and has always hidden behind it the capacity to hold some extensive sports activities. 

Nonetheless, such an image is being altered because more professional teams are in Las Vegas. The head of the Oral History Research Center of UNLV, Claytee White, also addressed the sports of Las Vegas of the new era that has become widely diverse. This transition is a major milestone for Las Vegas, and it is an indication of its growing popularity within the sporting family, notwithstanding worries about it being linked to gambling.

The Oral History Research Center is undertaking a bold “Game On!” endeavor to record and commemorate the vibrant Las Vegas Valley sports history. This project aims to encompass a wide range of sports, from well-known professional teams like the Raiders and Aces to beloved local community sports that have been integral to this region for many years.

In contrast to the usual sports media emphasis on well-known sports stars and the best sports teams, White believes their attention will cover a broader spectrum. They also dive into the flourishing and varied local sports culture with extraordinary players like Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf. On top of this, they dig deeper into the well of the local sports culture through such sports as boxing, golf, and corporate ping-pong competitions.

The program also intends to include a rodeo and race featuring Helldorado and activities at Las Vegas Speedway. The group most passionate about the study would like to include stories from everyone in the community, not just the active sports personalities or those present in prominent teams but also the ordinary people who participate in recreational activities at local parks and in their backyards.

For White, it is about who did what, why, and how everyone played their part. This means focusing on several communities and pinpointing the sports contributing to unification in certain city districts.

“Game On!” strives to be a complete and large-scale project covering two years of interviews and storytelling. Currently, 60 people are involved in the project, working hard to attract more nominations through our center’s official website.

White believes that the meticulous work will undoubtedly draw a complete picture of the visible advanced state that Las Vegas has reached over the past few decades. This entails expanding worldwide as a home of entertainment and continuing matches from a concentric hub for different sports competitions and events. She opines that this is the renaissance of the sports field, and they want to capture and paint this remarkable transformation.

Joseph Watkins is an avid gambler and also contributes the in-depth & most recent Las Vegas casino news stories. He joins as a news-editor recently with almost two years of experience in sports news writing.

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