VIP Player at Americas Cardroom Wins $750,000 in Online Slots

It is not a rare sight for players to win rewards in online gambling, but it is rare when someone is able to accumulate the highest value in a single month.

Americas Cardroom announced that one of its VIP players was able to win a total of $750,000 last month by playing the Jackpot Bank slot machine. The player goes by the public name of LIKI03. A spokesperson said that this proves that players do not have to only play poker to win a big reward.

LIKI03 Wins $750,000

A VIP player of Americas Cardroom that goes by the public name LIKI03 was able to accumulate $750,000 in net winnings last month. Michael Harris stated on this occasion that anyone could have a shot at winning huge rewards.

He added that it was great to see someone, especially a VIP player, win three-quarters of a million dollars.

The Jackpot Bank slot machine is apparently available at ACR’s Slots Ride Along casino.

LIKI03 is best known for placing a bet of a maximum $150 value. She was able to accumulate the winnings after a series of bonus spins and multipliers.

It started with LIKI03 winning $2,250 on the first bonus spin, followed by earning ten more bonus spins with a 5x multiplier. She used her bonus spins to earn four credit card symbols with a 7x multiplier that awarded her $14,000.

LIKI03 hit four gold bars in her last two remaining bonus spins with a 15x multiplier, taking her bonus balance from $21,550 to $171,650.

Fortunes worked in her favor again when she played the game after two days. LIKI03 hit another five gold bars with a 3x multiplier and won an additional $150,000. As the month ended, she accumulated a net winning amount of $750,000.

The video for the same is available on the official YouTube channel of Americas Cardroom.

Americas Cardroom Acceptance

Just like other crypto casinos, Americas Cardroom accepts every major cryptocurrency. This includes Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, and TRON to name a few.

The situation was different 12 months ago when the platform accepted only Bitcoin. However, it now accepts more than 60 cryptocurrencies. It is also one of the few TRON casino sites that never fails to entertain TRON holders. One must only remember to place reasonable bets to avoid losing a large sum.

Crypto Casinos In Brief

Casinos have evolved in terms of accepting deposits and rewarding their customers. All of them still follow the traditional line of games, but players can now deposit their funds in the form of cryptocurrency.

Many crypto casinos offer support to directly convert the traditional currency to cryptocurrency as well. Users can withdraw their funds or winnings at any time and in any form. They also remain available to be taken back in the form of cryptocurrency.

Players find crypto casinos more convincingly convenient as they can be played through the internet. There is no restriction on place and time, something that players across the globe appreciate very much.

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