Yggdrasil manages to deliver Bugs Money successfully

Yggdrasil, along with Reflex Gaming, came out and successfully delivered their online slot game, Bugs Money. This indeed happens to be one of their very best creations to date. There happens to be the depiction of the sheer wonders of nature throughout the narrative. This happens to include an entire retinue of highly active bees, along with the occasional bugs, as well as all sorts of insects, flora, and fauna. All of this happens to be the artful and aesthetic backdrop of the game. Bugs Money also happens to contain Free Spins, as well as Glow Wilds reel modifiers. 

In the case of the Free Spins, they happen to be set off with three or more than three scatter symbols happen to land. Following that, there is the option of being the position of benefitting from choosing either 3, 7 or 10 or 15 Free Spins, which come with a top win multiplier of 50x, 20x, 10x, along with 5x, in that very order. This provides the opportunity for gamers to be able to work on the erratic aspect of the Free Spins feature. This also happens to be an actual crowd-puller. 

In the bonus, however, it is possible for the Queen Bee symbol to alight in the middle reel. This happens to add to the multiplier to the extent of 10x, going all the way up to a top 500x. With the activation of the Glow Wilds reel modifier, the bonus happens to be set off, with the scenario transferring from daytime to night-time. During the process of the spinning wheels, glow bugs happen to alight on unchartered reel placings. It is also made possible for the Queen Bee to make its entry in the course of the Glow Wilds bonus to be able to offer unheard-of winnings.

As a segment of YG Masters arsenal, the thirteenth title of Reflex Gaming happens to be the Bugs Money. It has been suitably boosted by GATI. This happens to be Yggdrasil’s prime technology which provides the opportunity for associates to be able to be already configured, as well as a regulated development toolkit. All of this helps in the continuous production of absolute new-age content, along with quick disbursement capabilities.  

According to the Head of Product and Programs at Yggdrasil, Stuart McCarthy, the game happens to be a joyful and thrilling slot which is indeed very captivating. The newly formed association with Reflex Gaming is bound to turn things around in the online gaming arena. Also, there has been a deliverance of more than ten titles, with one more in the pipeline. 

Where the CPO of Reflex Gaming, Mat Ingram, is concerned, the game is simply fascinating, and a high amount of expectations is riding on its very shoulders. The factors to keep the gamers glued to the game, as well as their individual seats, happen to be more than plenty, with the added opportunity of carrying off with them big winnings.   

Scott Mitchell has done his bachelor's degree in journalism. He has also worked for many poker industries as a news editor and has excellent knowledge about casino games. He likes to play casino games and share his experience on social media.

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