A look at the Las Vegas 2023 sports segment

Las Vegas is transitioning from being a global entertainment capital to a blend of sports and entertainment centers. A look at 2023 makes it evident when it comes to teams participating in a contest, with the region hosting one for itself.

The Golden Knights won the Lord Stanley Cup in its 6th edition, making it obvious with a charming celebration that Las Vegas will not forget in the times to come. The ladies equally made 2023 memorable by claiming the WNBA title for the second time. Their final win over New York Liberty, 70-69, at Barclays Center, got the crowd on its feet. A 3-1 lead got them the title and, thereby, another celebration.

Fans and experts have termed it a win that is sweeter than the first title. A reason why the WNBA gained more attention is because the team was on the court without its MVP, Chelsea Gray. She was ruled out after sustaining a foot injury.

With two championship squads in 2023, Las Vegas proceeded to host Formula 1 in November 2023. Max Verstappen won the competition by defeating Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez in the Las Vegas Grand Prix race. Max now holds the title of King of Las Vegas with his 18th win in a single season.

Max accumulated 25 points for a finish of 01:29:08.289. Charles and Sergio followed in their respective positions with +2.070 and +2.241 seconds in the said order.

According to the sports news, Las Vegas also had a share of downside after the Raiders fired their coach and general manager. Josh MacDaniels and David Ziegler were let go due to several player grievances and disagreements on certain aspects about how the team should move forward. While differences were on finalizing QBs, there were also postgame meetings that contributed to the cause of letting them go.

Antonio Pierce is now the interim coach for the team. He was recently seen addressing the media after the Raiders suffered a humiliating defeat.

The NBA opened up for the first time with its inaugural season. Four teams and LeBron James were the highlights, enough to excite the local crowd. Sweet 16 made its way to Las Vegas along with Elite 8.

UFC 296 was claimed by Leon Edwards, beating Colby Covington last month on 16, 2023. T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas gladly accepted the outcome that was based on a unanimous decision of 49-46, 49-46, and 49-46.

Now, Las Vegas is looking forward to hosting the Super Bowl on February 11, 2024. The NFL has shed light on the 2024 Super Bowl LVIII, to be held at Allegiant Stadium. Las Vegas will emerge with an entertaining weekend in February as Usher is expected to appear as a half-time performer.

That’s it for Las Vegas when it comes to sports in 2023. Next year already has a pumped-up event lined up, and the region is confident of having better days.

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