Las Vegas Raiders are on the way to the last event of 2022

The Raiders are one more event away from concluding their 2022 season on a positive note. The team comes after winning 4 out of its 5 previous matches. The Raiders will now play the Steelers on Christmas Eve, December 25, 2022, at 5:15 p.m. PT. The opulent Acrisure Stadium will be the venue for the game.

Kenny Prickett is likely to make a comeback for the Steelers. He was benched earlier after sustaining a concussion, leaving the quarterback position vacant for a while. Replacing him is a mammoth task considering his contributions stand at 1,797 passing yards with a 4:8 ratio of touchdowns to interceptions since joining in Week 5.

There is a window that allows him to escape again if he enters the arena with even a slight doubt. Mike Tomlin, in that case, will back Mason Rudolph or Mitch Trubisky.

The Steelers and the Raiders have a pretty interesting record, with the Raiders winning the majority of the events. The statistics stand at 14–10 in their favor dating back to 1970. The previous 5 matches have given the Steelers 4 wins, including the one that got registered on September 19, 2021, where the final tally was 26-17.

There is a difference between the way both teams play on the field. That is evident from the fact that the Raiders are in the 11th spot when it comes to total offense, while the Steelers are in the 26th spot. The Raiders are on the 24th spot when it comes to defense, as compared to the 19th spot for the Steelers.

All the wins have been comfortable except for the one against the Rams. A single score would have leveled the entire match, as the final tally stood at 17-16. The Las Vegas Raiders dominated throughout the event except for the concluding quarter, when the Rams edged a bit closer to the victory. It was only the third quarter that held a clean sheet for both teams.

The Steelers have had a somewhat similar journey so far. They sure had some trouble against the Ravens, with Baltimore sticking to the lead until the final moments. The halftime score appeared to be in their favor until the Steelers stopped them from adding any more points to the table in the third quarter.

The Ravens saw a glimmer of optimism, but the Steelers were able to capture the spotlight by scoring seven points. Kenny Prickett has a game to anticipate if he wishes to accompany Mitch Trubisky till the final minute of victory.

The Raiders will open the season against the 49ers, followed by a matchup against the Chiefs. The Steelers’ adventure will continue, with the Ravens and Browns waiting to shake hands in early 2023.

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