A Prize Pool of $250 in BC.GAME Sports Parlays Challenges #22

The $250 BC.GAME Sports Parlays Challenges #22 is live on September 20, 2022, from 00:00 UTC. The event will conclude on September 25, 2022, at 23:59 UTC, with the top seven players taking home the grand prize, which is a large portion of the prize pool.

Other participants will also get a portion of the remaining $60 provided they meet all the requirements and follow all the instructions.

The challenge requires players to win multiple bets on a minimum of four sports matches with at least a multiplier of x4. Following this, bet slips have to be posted as open on the official forum of the event.

The final score will be calculated by adding all the odds for each game. Any cashed-out or voided bet will not be considered a valid entry to the challenge. There is no minimum VIP level requirement. Anyone can participate in the challenge and post their bet slips. Bet slips that have been withdrawn or kept closed will not be counted.

The same odds cannot be used on all the bets. The payment method accepted is cryptocurrency. All the digital currencies except JB can be used to participate in the event. The final distribution will be as follows:


Participants who cannot make it to the list of the top seven will still be eligible to win a prize. The remaining share of $60 will be distributed among them equally. They must ensure that they have followed all the instructions and met all the necessary guidelines. Players must post their Ticket ID and a screenshot of their accumulated ticket to participate.

Instead of creating a new post, edit the same post to combine all the hits. Bets placed during the time window will be counted. The time window is:-

  • September 20, 2022, from 00:00 UTC
  • September 25, 2022, till 23:59 UTC

Any bet placed outside the said time window will not be considered. The event will be automatically locked once the final deadline kicks in. Only one bet from a single family is allowed. Players found guilty of the instruction will be disqualified from the current event.

Based on their offense and the number of times they have committed the offense, their disqualification may extend to a ban for a lifetime. It is not mandatory to provide the bet link. Players can choose not to share their bet link. The minimum bet must be $1 or of an equivalent value.

If a selection ends in a void or push, the bet will be kept open if it is equal to or higher than a triple bet. It must also fulfill the odds criteria.

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