Caesars CEO predicts better profitability  for Formula 1 in 2024

Tom Reeg, the Chief Executive Officer of Caesars, was recently in Las Vegas’s JP Morgan Gaming, Lodging, Restaurant, and Leisure Management Access Forum for an interaction. It was found to be overwhelming since Tom went on to share his insights about several aspects, including his expectations for 2025. Reeg appeared optimistic and confident in stating that the numbers would be better for F1 in 2024 and the year to follow, 2025.

Background and context

Caesars Entertainment has often been defined as a hotspot in Las Vegas or as the place to be when in town. The place has been involved in the previous edition of Formula One, F1, and it will be in the picture again in 2024. The race brings tons of excitement and footfall to the place. What Ceasars bagged in the previous edition could be just a teaser, though.

Caesars is aware of some challenges. They primarily pertain to managing visitors and their access to the location. The company will publish an alternate map soon, highlighting how visitors can reach Caesars and, thereby, their rooms.

Key points from Reeg’s remarks

Some of the positive factors contributing to Caesars’ growth are its ability to handle gambling supplies better and its limited capacity to host the audience. While the latter could eventually be debated as being a fatal aspect, it works well since that section makes it to the venue, which thrives on F1’s excitement.

More statements highlight that there is a shift in the demographics of customers. High-end customers have been described as more cosmopolitan than before the COVID-19 pandemic. They are now looked at as a better blend of domestic luxury customers.

Market-wide efforts and tailoring the event

The previous edition of F1 did not precisely generate the expected revenue. However, this year could be slightly pivotal since there is a market-wide effort to tailor the event and provide a better experience to the audience and visitors. Caesars said that it will be at the center of it all, as a primary beneficiary of whatever the market does.

The objective is to maintain the reputation of being able to host a variety of events in the region. The success of the Super Bowl has already cemented the status of Las Vegas, helping Caesars, an old player in the market, make the most of it.

Comparison with last year’s race

Caesars didn’t have the year it wanted to have since its mid-end and lower-end properties did not bag sufficient numbers. Caesars Palace was better positioned, but collective success would have demonstrated a better bottom line.

Adjustments this year could be about highlighting equal status for all the properties and emphasizing the quality of their services. Spending habits are resilient among customers. Caesars would want to better bank on them with every property staying under the limelight.

Super Bowl impact and challenges

According to the casino news, The Kansas City Chiefs’ LVIII Super Bowl victory was among the highlights. An additional highlight was the inaugural reception of the event in Las Vegas. It performed exceptionally well and is now in an excellent position to host additional events of a similar nature.

The larger challenge would be to surpass those expectations. Reeg is confident with customers, showcasing favorable spending habits.

Outlook for full-year growth

Reeg has a cap on registering $500 million in 2025 regarding Return on Investment. This comes with a backdrop of winning brick-and-mortar customers back at a low cost of capital. He has called it a meaningful opportunity, adding that having another state could be equivalent to cash flow to 2 or 3 states.


Caesars is very likely to play an important role in the F1 landscape. Tom Reeg is optimistic about having a greater year this season, paving the way for a better 2025 when they can potentially net $500 million in RoI.

Joseph Watkins is an avid gambler and also contributes the in-depth & most recent Las Vegas casino news stories. He joins as a news-editor recently with almost two years of experience in sports news writing.

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