California’s Star Casino is Set to Relocate Following the Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic that shook the world has greatly affected the casino business in the United States. Especially in California, a state reportedly has been relentless in its attempts to contain the deadly virus. As the state continuously withdraws the personal and business laws implemented given the pandemic, the casinos seem to get back on track. Recently, Star Casino announced that it would relocate to a larger base to conduct its business.

Star Casino, which previously went by the name Comstock Card Room, is not just recovering but actively expanding the business following the pandemic. The casino will move to the place near the West Valley Mall in San Joaquin County. The Tracy town authorities approved the relocation in February with several conditions. Star Casino’s new venue, which used to be the popular Dave’s restaurant, offers more space for the casino and card room activities.

The casino will complete the relocation works by July 1 and shift with a small opening ceremony. Star Casino plans to offer its services 24×7, with bar and restaurant services available within the establishment. Currently, the gaming tables offer only a limited number of games to the users, but now there will be more variety in the games offered in the casino. The roadmap of Star Casino hopes to see 40 to 50% growth in its workforce after opening the new location.

The town authorities of Tracy pinpoint Star Casino’s relocation as a sign of recovery for the local casino business. Economic Development Manager Michael Nimon holds that the businesses are not recovering from the blow but are expanding exponentially. He substantiated his claims based on Star Casino’s plans for the future. 

In his view, these business expansions would mitigate the impacts of the lockdown by creating new job opportunities for the community. Star Casino’s previously made the headlines when it moved its operations to the patio in August, after a series of lockdowns.

The casinos business in California is significant for its economy. The state has more than 70 card rooms, including Star Casino, bringing an annual economic impact of $5.6 billion. Furthermore, these establishments are responsible for indirectly creating more than 32,000 jobs, according to the data from the California Gaming Association. These card rooms differ from tribal casinos and cannot offer slot games. 

Moreover, the dealers earn indirectly for every game they host instead of operating for the house. Tribal casinos have historically disliked card rooms as they hinder their exclusivity in the business. Despite all these, the card room seems to be thriving in the state of California.

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