Casinokrypto Has a Surprise for Everyone in the Casino Community

Norwegian players have been struggling to find a way into the world of online casinos. Since the time the Norwegian authorities prohibited the use of Visa and Mastercard, gamers have not been able to be a part of their favorite games.

This is now all set to change as has announced a space for gamers to leverage their digital holdings and participate in online casinos. The digital space enables players to play their favorite online casino games despite restrictions being placed by the Norwegian authorities.

Latest Inclusions Of Casinokrypto

Cryptocurrency has clearly become a perfect piece of an unsolved puzzle. It is a befitting reply under the circumstances where the traditional payment methods are not allowed to function by the authorities.

Casinokrypto’s announcement of the digital space allows players to bet using their cryptocurrency. The platform provides safety and fairness in terms of the games that are available.

Every cryptocurrency, including altcoins, can be utilized by players to access games. Whether it is a bitcoin casino or even an altcoin-focused Ripple Casino, players will no longer be bound by the restriction of the payment system. Among blockchain aficionados, Ripple (XRP) is a contentious cryptocurrency. Despite recent legal issues, it is still supported by big corporations throughout the world, and it is a highly useful coin for processing payments at some of the greatest online casinos. Ripple casinos typically reward their loyal customers with incentives. Despite the fact that Ripple is primarily focused on financial institutions than other types of business, it may nevertheless be used at online casinos like Stake and TrueFlip.

Players can even get an XRP casino bonus when they sign up at casinos like True Flip.

The new system designed by Casinokrypto ensures that there is no foul play. Since it is entirely based on blockchain technology, the task to eliminate foul play is easily taken care of by the platform.

What the announcement has done is that it has made it more clear how well the digital currency is rising in the industry. It is surely taking over the traditional payment system and will probably continue to do so with great success in the coming years.

Another move that has taken the casino world by surprise is the announcement of CasinoKrypto News. The platform offers updates on the latest happenings in the world of online casinos and cryptocurrency.

Verification has not taken any back seat. The platform has put a system in place to verify the authenticity of the updates before they are made available to people. CasinoKrypto News will release all the verified news and updates on the website.

Casinokrypto also announced the extension of online casino brands on its website. The new list has been curated with the assistance of casino players and researchers who carry experience of many years in the industry.

Every brand has been selected to make sure that it is able to meet the needs of all the players. The list of branded casinos includes names like Stake Casino,, and Goodman.

Stake Casino was launched in 2017. It carries a Curacao license on its name. Some of the games provided by Stake Casino are table games, slot machines, and live casinos. is also licensed in Curacao. It is run by Bets Entertainment N.V. provides 2487 customer support to its players. It is known for offering free spins to new players.

Goodman, a Curacao-licensed casino brand, allows its players to engage in Bitcoin games, slots, and live casino games, to mention a few. The SSL-encrypted platform offers its players 100 free spins after making a deposit.

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