Different Versions of BTC Baccarat

Introduction to BTC Baccarat

Baccarat, a very popular casino game, has been very catchy for a host of gamblers from all over the world. Even today, the popularity and demand of this game know no bounds. As a result of the integration of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into the online gambling world, a dramatic revolution has taken place in making baccarat even more popular and attractive to the Baccarat buffs. 

If you check online, you can find plenty of Bitcoin baccarat gambling websites having multiple versions of the game with multiple benefits. However, if you are on the fence as to which online casino is the most relevant option for you, it is highly recommended to check the top reviews of the best BTC casinos and handpick the one that is best in every aspect! After finalizing a BTC baccarat website, you can play this exciting card game and have a truckload of fun with bonuses to win!

Working of BTC Baccarat

You may be under the impression that Bitcoin baccarat is different from the regular old baccarat, but, in fact, they both are similar in every aspect excluding the fact that you will need bitcoin for deposit and withdrawal while playing baccarat. On the other hand, there are certain crypto websites that can convert your bitcoin to fiat currency for your convenience; that means, you can easily play using your preferred currency. If you are already familiar with the gaming rules of baccarat, then you need not think twice but start playing right away! Those specifically interested in playing baccarat on their mobile devices, they can download BTC baccarat apps on their Android and iOS phones.

Different Versions of BTC Baccarat

Here are the 4 most popular and different versions of BTC baccarat:

1. Punto Banco

Punto Banco is yet another popular version of baccarat. The word Punto Banco refers to the following: Punto=Player and Banco=Bank. Punto Banco is a unique card game where players rather than playing against each other play against the bank. It is quite similar to yet another popular card game i.e. blackjack. The aim is to get hold of as many as nine points or reach as close to nine as possible. 

2. Chemin de Fer

In this version, the two roles, that is, banker and player, are taken in rotation by different people who sit at the table. In this case, a casino charges a commission (normally around 5% ) on the winnings that are obtained when betting on the bank.

The game is rather different from its original version in which the banker must have to pass on the shoe in case he/she loses a hand. This eventually excites the shoe to move about the table (just like the train) or railroad among the players.

3. Mini Baccarat

Play the regular baccarat or mini baccarat-there is actually no difference in playing rules yet the betting limits may be of lower value. Also, the table used in mini baccarat is of smaller size than the regular baccarat table. Compared to the regular baccarat game wherein three dealers are employed, you will find only one dealer used in the mini baccarat but the gaming rules are practically the same.

4. Baccarat Banque

Baccarat Banque is another special and very popular baccarat version among most baccarat buffs. It is one of 3 conventional popular versions of Baccarat available to players playing both in land-based casinos and online casinos, while the remaining two are Punto Banco and Chemin de Fer.

Strategy Tips on How to Win at Baccarat

Obviously, the best way to win at Baccarat is to know the rules of the game, to be able to sit down at a table and be prepared, limiting your losses. However, although there are no tricks or secrets, or even surefire ways to win, this game can also apply quite effective strategies.

1326 Strategy

One of the best and most popular strategies for Baccarat online is 1 3 2 6. The name indicates the units to bet in a sequence of 4 bets. Every time you lose you start over. By unit, you do not have to mean 1 dollar, the important thing is always to multiply the number chosen correctly. This strategy works especially if you manage to win on the first two bets.

Bet a little on a draw  

Another strategic tip can be to bet a little on a draw (it pays very well, but it is very difficult) and more, on the other hand, on the bank, which despite the commission, can give more satisfaction in terms of the probability of winning.

Avoid using progressive betting systems

Finally, progressive betting systems, both positive and negative, are not recommended because they run the risk of increasing losses instead of limiting them.


So while you have learned the nitty-gritty of BTC baccarat, it is time to all set yourself to choose a neat online BTC casino and start playing this superb card game of gambling! Who knows luck is in your favor this time and you will walk away winning several catchy prizes. After all, baccarat is purely a game of chance and no strategy has been created so far to ensure a sure win.

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