CDP gives score ‘B’ to IGT for its environmental performance

International Gaming Technology, also known as IGT in short, has received a B score from the non-profit CDP for steps taken in the direction of environmental performance and disclosure. A B score is an above-average score that happens to be one of the best in the industry. Also, the score is an improvement for IGT as compared to what it received in the report 2021.

IGT is one of the leading providers of excellent gaming experiences to the community of gamers. Its offerings range from lotteries to gaming machines. IGT majorly leverages its content, investment in innovation, and expertise along with advanced technology to ensure that it stays ahead in the industry. IGT is licensed and regulated in more than a hundred countries. It houses nearly 10,500 employees across the globe.

CDP has partnered with over 680 financial institutions. The non-profit motivates participants to come forward with the help of capital markets and corporate procurement. According to recent figures, 18,700+ companies have disclosed their information through the organization in 2022.

A score received by CDP helps companies drive their investment and procurement decisions.

CDP, founded in 2000 & previously known as Carbon Disclosure Project, believes that IGT has excelled in the category of governance oversight and initiatives in emission reduction. The score is a recognition of the coordinated actions on issues related to climate. Since it is an improvement from the 2021 score, IGT has surely a lot to positively reflect on in the times to come.

A score that is better than most information technology and software development companies comes at a time when the world is looking to boost environmental safety for the future.

Wendy Montgomery, the Senior Vice President of Marketing, Sustainability, & Communication at IGT, has said that the assessment by CDP assures all the shareholders about the continued efforts to advance through a commitment to sustainability. Wendy has also said that IGT has indeed made significant improvements in investing in environmental efforts by understanding that it is the responsibility of everyone to implement action plans with the objective of lowering carbon footprints.

IGT has secured an above-average score by excelling in the crucial categories of governance and emission reduction. CDP gathers information about the participants through an annual reporting process as a part of assessing the performance of the companies. Companies are invited to share their performance to understand how well they are contributing to the environment.

Any company that receives a B score can safely assume that it has addressed the macro impact of its actions on the environment and ensured that a good management process is in line to deal with the impacts. Companies that are invited by CDP are required to share details on climate change, water, and forest security. All the pieces of information are compiled and the participants are scored accordingly.

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