Check FortuneJack’s Bracket challenge & win a $20,000 grand prize

The official launch has been made amidst a lot of excitement about the World Cup 2022 Bracket challenge. However, this comes with a grand prize being offered to the participants. The amount adds up to a total of $20,000. In this scenario, all the participants must do to lay their stake in the overall winnings is correctly make their predictions. These predictions asked of them will be in terms of naming the winners who they feel will be in the group qualifiers and the playoffs. No charges are taken from the participants who desire to try their luck.

To qualify as a potential participant, one must make predictions regarding the possible world cup qualifiers. One then needs to tweet the predictions made so that the concerned authorities can begin their matching process. However, a strict rule is put down in the case of a participant wanting to take back his decision once the bracket gets full. There are also further conditions put down regarding one trying his hand at the grand prize, totaling $20,00.

According to the set of rules for this, the participant in question needs to make accurate predictions regarding the first group stage qualifiers. As a secondary requirement, he must make accurate predictions on the playoffs qualifiers. However, if a participant fails to claim the grand prize, the next best option for him is to try his hand at the $5,000 that is then on offer. However, this is followed by an amount of $3,000 and, finally, a $2,000 amount.

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