Circa Sports elbowing competition in sports wagering

Circa Sports is marking its territory in the sports wagering arena and taking on the local competition head-on. This is followed by its spreading its operations within various other states. The company is going against the tide and encouraging big-time betting. 

Circa Sports is a part of its parent company, Circa Resort & Casino, in downtown Las Vegas. It will acquire the Silverton Casino sportsbook segment on the 1st of January, 2024. Circa involves three sportsbooks: the Tuscany Suites & Casino, The Pass in Henderson, and Legends Bay Casino in Sparks. Towards the beginning of 2024, Circa, in all probability, will be released in Kentucky, along with its present presence in Illinois, Iowa, and Colorado. 

The major owner of Circa is Derek Stevens, who approached the Nevada Gaming Commission for consent to carry out business in Silverton. In his opinion, considering the success stories where they are running their business, Nevada is the next obvious choice. He laid stress on the popularity of the Chicago NHL Blachawks in Illinois.

According to Jeffery Benson, Director of Operations at Circa Sports, they aim to follow their successful model in all states. The Blackhawks have set an example of their overall modus operandi for their activities in other territories beyond Nevada. 

He added that Circa helps bring more clientele to the resort in Nevada. People have an underlying fascination to explore Nevada further, and their company acts as a catalyst for this. They aim to set up a business in Michigan.  

The nation witnessed the association between ESPN Bet and Penn Entertainment. Still, it failed to deter the confidence of Benson, who considers both competitors no match against their standing and strategies. He stresses that they are unique, which keeps them ahead of the crowd. He does mention FanDuel and DraftKings but with a slight smirk, which needs no words of his opinion on them.  

Circa accepts wagering between $20,000 and $60,000 for college football and between $100,000 and $200,000 for NFL. Their goal is to get further market share. They take the risk of higher stakes in wagering as it is more lucrative for them and keeps them away from the hordes. 

In Stevens’s words, the bookmaking space is changing by the day, and various algorithms assist in forming guidelines for in-game wagering. Circa has always maintained its way of functioning.

Tina Mattson is a sports journalist and working as a freelance news writer for She loves to play casino games in her free time, and she has extensive knowledge about most of the online casino games.

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