Sportradar expands partnership with Caesars Sportsbook

Sportradar has formed a collaboration with Caesars Sportsbook, which is connected to Caesars Entertainment. Sportradar will now be an accepted provider of sports betting Data from the NBA, MLB, and NHL for Caesars. Sportradar, in collaboration with the NBA, will give Caesars Sportsbook exclusive access to NBA statistical information.

This enables Caesars online casino to offer bettors the chance to make in-play wagers, including prop bets and parlays with existing games. Sportradar will offer an array of extra details, including facts and figures before the game, content management services, real-time updates during the match, and post-match analytics.

According to Ed Blonk, Chief Commercial Officer of Sportradar, the company’s data will be essential in helping Caesars bring in more revenue as live betting gains traction in America. We are enthusiastic to team up with Caesars in order to provide their customers with enjoyable experiences while also generating income from our alliance.

The odds of the game can be changed by a variety of factors, including velocity, range traveled, offensive attempts, paint touches, and defensive performance. Kenneth Fuchs, the Chief Operating Officer and Sports Manager of Caesars Digital expressed that they are consistently exploring means to offer their customers an excellent experience. We are joining forces with Sportradar, which will give us access to more data and allow us to develop new and innovative products.

Last week, Sportradar was announced as the official partner of the South American Football Confederation. Kenneth Fuchs, COO of Caesars Digital and leader of the sports division expressed that they are always looking for ways to give outstanding service to their customers. Joining forces with Sportradar will allow them access to new data on gambling which can be used in order to extend their special services.

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