Evoplay successfully obtains ISO 27701 certificate

Evoplay, which happens to be a game development studio of extremely high repute, has been able to achieve for itself the most coveted ISO 27701 certification. This by itself speaks volumes about the sheer quality of the high-level data security system that they have in place at the present moment in time, besides their conforming to the rigid international privacy regulations. 

By no means was this an easy feat, as it happened to have come about following an intensive audit. If nothing else, this surely opens the doors for their connected associates to enjoy the feeling of complete security where their valuable data and information and its overall protection are concerned.

Further still, with this very recognized certification, the concerned associates will now feel a great deal of further confidence, as well as assurance, regarding their execution process of the stringent privacy-related factors pertaining to the relevant and connected privacy laws and regulations. For the entire team, this is sure retribution for the immense amount of effort that they have put in, in terms of their pledge to protect all privacy-oriented factors. The certification happens to be, indeed, a landmark occurrence for them.

According to the CEO of Evoplay, Ivan Kravchuk, the certification will happen to open the doors for the world to recognize and appreciate the level of their internal privacy and security, as well as have a positive influence where interactions with other companies are concerned. 

In his viewpoint, this will happen to reflect on every aspect of their activities, from game development right down to the interaction with their associates, as well as even their employees. For all of them, this happens to be a momentous occasion as they will now be in a much better position to achieve their future goal of furthering expansion.            

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