Fanatics announces promotion ahead of NFL Season

Fanatics has announced a promotion for its customers ahead of the NFL season. Per the announcement, any customer who wagers $50 instantly becomes eligible for a merchandise credit worth $150. Defined as a big promotion, it has come at a time when customers are eagerly looking forward to the football season and supporting their franchise with a jersey.

However, some of the speculation has been put to rest by clarifying that the promotion is merely coinciding with the tournament. Customers can wager the said amount on any league and they will still be eligible for merchandise credit. It is open to customers of not just Fanatics but also PointsBet.

No matter the league they choose, bets must be placed on the official website of the platform. This is, where the promotion can be used to buy merchandise as well.

This is not the first time that a platform has rolled out such a promotion. Such a rewarding experience to users was previously offered by Caesars Sportsbook in 2021. Bettors only had to wager $100 to receive an NFL jersey. Fanatics is replicating the same model with a modification by allowing its customers to place a bet on any league for any merchandise.

A particular aspect where it differs is from a promotion that they themselves announced earlier this year. It included rewarding free bets to those who were purchasing merchandise. It soon came under the radar of relevant authorities because it was believed that such a promotion was encouraging customers to place a bet. Thereby, going against the fundamental rule of responsible gambling.

Gambling regulations restrict any such act that facilitates people to place bets in this manner.

The current promotion ahead of the NFL kickstart is being received well by the community of bettors and fans. Jason White has called it a rewarding online sports betting experience, adding that it is a chance for players to celebrate the return of football. The Chief Marketing Officer of Fanatics Betting & Gaming has stated that the objective is to outfit their customers who are going to bet on PointsBet or Fanatics.

Interested fans can still get their hands on the promotion by signing up at Fanatics. A minute detail is awaited to know if the credit can be accumulated or if it will have to be used as it is earned. Accumulation of credits earned could enable customers to buy a large number of merchandise. Needless to say, this also means that the promotion can only be available once or multiple times.

NFL season starts on September 08, 2023. It is a 18-week journey that will have the Chiefs against the Lions in the opener. The City and the Detroit are both coming from their respective pre-season games. The scenario at top NFL betting sites is going to be magnificent as they will be in high demand.

Football is here and so is Fanatics. Customers of the platform must review the terms & conditions before participating in the promotion.

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