Feds are looking into the operations of Vegas Casinos

Federal Law Enforcement agents are reportedly looking into the way San Fernando Valley functions. It has come to light that many hotel employees have used casino assets to clear their gambling debts. While the investigation is fresh from the early days of August this year, many people from the industry are speculating that it could blow up on either side.

Making the situation worse is the allegation that many people who are under investigation were also acting as agents.

San Fernando Valley is known to be Nix’s gambling ring. He sports a broad client base of popular Hollywood celebrities and personalities from sports. Yasiel Puig was roped into the matter, later pleading guilty for his actions. This pertains to him placing bets with Nix on sporting events. More names are coming up with no specific timeline as to when the report will have all the accused standing in the court.

Another name that has emerged is Jeremiah Chambers. The revelation was done by RJ Cipriani. It affected Chambers to the extent that they had to leave behind the position of Senior Director at Cosmopolitan Casino’s Customer Development department. Notably, this is only a guess since the company has not yet confirmed the actual reason for Jeremiah leaving behind their chair in the company.

The Nevada Gaming Board has not yet issued a comment for the public as of the time of drafting this article. They are aware of the matter; however, they are restricting themselves from issuing a statement that could prove to be less informed or fatal for the Las Vegas casinos. A spokesperson in the US Central District of California has joined the club and refused to speak anything in this matter. We have no comment on all that they have said till now.

According to the casino news, agents from IRS Criminal Investigations and Homeland Security Investigations are pursuing a matter that is in the development phase. More pieces of information are likely to be made public as the matter progresses further on the table.

This is not the first instance where misusing venture assets has been highlighted. September started with reports claiming that a lawmaker who owns a casino used funds given for COVID relief to make heavy luxury purchases. This includes buying Ferrari and Porsches. The result is such that they had to resign from the position while under criminal investigation. Parties under the scanner are Rep. Laurie Sanborn and former Sen. Andy Sanborn.

It is Andy who has been accused of misusing the funds to buy luxury cars for both of them. He is currently looking to open a larger venue provided he is able to move past the milestone placed by the state lottery commission. There is a chance that he gets permanently banned from the space, not letting him expand his venture any further in this industry.

As for Las Vegas casinos and Feds, the case is moving forward at its pace. More developments could come maximum by the end of this month to draw a clear picture.

Joseph Watkins is an avid gambler and also contributes the in-depth & most recent Las Vegas casino news stories. He joins as a news-editor recently with almost two years of experience in sports news writing.

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