Zverev shines through the Round of 16 contest against Sinner in the US Open

Alexander Zverev and Jannik Sinner went all out during their contest for the Round of 16 at Arthur Ashe Stadium. However, it was ultimately Alex who emerged victorious in the set of five that lasted for 4 hours and 41 minutes. The final tally read 6-4, 3-6, 6-2, 4-6, and 6-3 in his favor. Interestingly, this is not just the most competitive fight in the US Open but also the longest to run on the court.

The margin is rather thin when it comes to the number of points that they have won. While Alex bagged 167 points to the register, his opponent – No. 6 seed – was restricted to 155 points. That brought No. 12 Seed to winning 25 games and leaving 21 games to the opponent.

Zverev was all smiles at the end of the game. He interacted with the media to say that he is probably back in the Tennis game. An extended version of the statement reads that this is precisely what he lives for, wherein fans can assume that this refers to the winning moments after the game has concluded.

He also acknowledged the crowd that was present in the stadium and cheered for him. Alex said that the environment could not have been any better.

The game was physically draining for both champions. As a matter of fact, Jannik was seen cramping in the third set only to bounce back stronger in the set that followed. What went wrong was Alex himself going through the physical pressure in the fourth set. He eventually picked himself up in the fifth set and the game went on.

It was surely the fighting spirit that kept bringing them back.

Results of the respective sets make it more evident which player was struggling to make ends meet. Alex made his way to the top in the third set by backing the shots for a 6-2 win. Then, the fourth set gave Jannik the upper hand for a 6-4 win. It all came down to the last and the final set where Sinner fought his way to a 6-3 win. This made a major wave in most of the tennis betting sites.

Moving forward, the US Open will host the Quarter-Final starting with Djokovic locking horns with Fritz at the same venue. Zverev will next face Carlos Alcaraz with time yet to be decided. Simultaneously, fans can stay tuned for two more events where Tiafoe & Shelton and Medvedev & Rublev will be on the court for the qualification to the Semi-Final.

Women’s Singles in the US Open 2023 is also headed toward the commencement of Quarter-Finals. The last Round of 16 event was played between Jabeur and Zheng for the latter to win it by 6-2 and 6-4.

Zverev may have sealed the win in the Round of 16 at the US Open 2023 with a tough fight versus Sinner, he has a chance to make the qualification convenient by taking on Carlos right from the beginning.

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