G2E in Las Vegas shone a spotlight on the igaming industry

G2E, one of the most prestigious Global Gaming Expos conducted in Las Vegas, has reached its conclusion. The event attracted more than 25,000 attendees. As is customary for companies in this industry, slot machine manufacturers debuted their newest offerings with guns blazing. It is impossible to predict which of these games will bear fruit and which will wane in popularity.

The event saw the presence of a list of industry experts. The discussions revolved around verticals like sports betting, Indian gaming, smoking, and cyber threats. There were also issues related to the top female players in the industry, as well as slot statistics and the robustness of the iGaming space in Las Vegas. The key issues were the NFL slot machines, cyber threats, and sports betting.

Following the Supreme Court ruling in 2018, sports betting has increased exponentially and managed to collect $261 billion in betting, $21 billion in total gaming earnings, and $3.8 billion towards taxation, both local and state. 

However, these figures do not include the states to which Indian tribes have absolute access.  No figures are divulged. Over thirty jurisdictions in the United jurisdictions permit sports betting. The handle garnered from 27 states totaled $6.6 billion, while the GGR was $600.5 million. iGaming generated $519 million in revenue for six states.

iGaming is licensed in six states. Though the figures from the six states are significant, it is a wonder why other states have not followed suit. The focus of the remaining states lies on sports betting. According to Light and Wonder Head of Government Affairs and Legislative Counsel, Howard Glaser, the quickest and greatest earning option is through iGaming. As per another speaker, iGaming should be encouraged as everyone is online. 

According to the gaming news, Anika Howard, president and chief executive officer of Wondr Nation, believes that the mobile phone enables consumers to engage in a variety of activities, including gaming. In fact, she specifies that the majority of purchases are made via mobile devices.

The regulatory bodies in states like Indiana, New York, and others have delved into the matter. They all agree that iGaming is the next best thing. New York itself collected $1 billion monthly via betting. They are all of the opinion that iGaming earnings are rising exponentially.

Several panelists believed that iGaming lacks the excitement that sports wagering offers. In their opinion, sports betting is significantly more entertaining, not only for sports fans but also for the general public.

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