Aces’ Q1 against Liberty in Finals Game 2 set a record

The Las Vegas Aces made history against the New York Liberty in the second game of the WNBA Basketball Final series at Michelob Ultra Arena. They are now headed to secure a series win by clinching Game 3 in their favor, becoming the first team to do so in the history of 21 years.

Chelsea Gray found the chance in a restricted zone to dribble and go for the trademark mid-range jumper by circumventing Kayla Thornton. It entered the basket when the clock was only 2.6 seconds away from the buzz. That became the highest-scoring Q1 in the game, with the Aces sporting 38 points over the Liberty’s contribution of 19 points.

A’ja Wilson, a two-time MVP, led the quarter, who brought 12 points for the side. Kelsey Plum’s 9-pointer followed her. This has brought their offense rating to 190. This surpasses the previous record of 162.5. All-star Kelsey Plum has said that it was the confidence in each other to knock the game point no matter who had the chance. We have a lot of faith in each other, Plum added, and then said that it was just a testament to playing team ball.

The New York Liberty formed a comeback trial in the second quarter with an edge of 11 positive points. They were 25 against 14. However, the story ended at that point, with both teams returning from halftime and the Aces again regaining control of the basket. Both the remaining quarters saw the Aces thrash the Liberty by wider margins. It was a final tally of 104 against 76 that was ultimately ruled in the books.

Michelob Ultra Arena hosted the second game of the basketball series. This was the second consecutive game at the venue. The action will return to Barclays Center for the third game, with hopes that the Aces will make history by making a clean sweep, affecting many odds at basketball betting sites.

The spirit of the game has been high since Game 1, evident from the fact that the Aces bagged 99 points while the Liberty were restricted to 82 points. The first half was a neck-to-neck contest, with the Aces struggling to find the edge. However, the tables turned after halftime when the Aces finally found the breakthrough for the win. Jackie Young and Kelsey Plum contributed 26 points each throughout the run. They were supported by the 20-point contribution of Chelsea Gray and a 19-point contribution by A’ja Wilson. It would only be right to state that they all carried the momentum to Game 2.

There are three more games to be hosted in the series. While the Aces are just a single win away from clinching the series, the Liberty must pull up their socks for the entire remainder to save themselves from the embarrassment of a historic loss.

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