In NV, NJ & PA, the WSOP Is Offering the Opportunity to Create Your Own Bonus

The state lines are still seeing ongoing work for sharing of liquidity by the US. At the same time, all of the sites of have been entitled to the availability of a bonus. All of the rooms of WSOP will see the promotion for the new DIY Bonus open for the players residing across the states of Nevada, Pennsylvania, to New Jersey. The period between 15th to August 22 has been earmarked for encouraging the players to build their bonuses. 

The customary regulation sees promotions and bonuses being tailor-made to suit specificities or certain conditions regarding the market. In comparison, for, the same bonus has been earmarked for all the markets where the advantage lies with the players in choosing the bonus they want to earn. This is dependent on how much time each player can devote to playing. This is entirely in the player’s hands to make as much free money they want to earn. Controlling the experiences is an adage that comes with opting for promotions by the players and sees the bonus directly proportional to the amount of time devoted for play. 

Building A Bonus

The simplest of details make up the promotions for the new DIY Bonus feature. This is where one can opt for playing across any of the sites from WSOP PA, WSOP NJ to WSOP Nevada and all one needs to do is opt for the email-provided WSOP links. This gets the game started, and players can start their cash poker journey and collect as much as APPs. Unlocking a bigger bonus requires each player to earn the maximum APPs while the promotions are up and running. The same will be available for the duration spanning from15th to August 22. APPs can be earned for bonuses till 11:59 pm on August 22. 

Playing cash games on the site will enable players to get a shot at accruing the DIY Bonus cash. The criteria specify the players to be active and play for three days while the promotional period is ongoing. The same also mentions earning a minimum of 1 APP for each of the days logged in will qualify for the bonus cash. A round-up of the APP points will be done once the promotional period will get over. Every player needs a minimum of 1000 points to make it to the level of 100 dollars. 

PA Highlights including Keystone Classic and Bracelets

August 1 saw the leading domestic bracelet series of NJ and NV, while eight more US bracelets are in the offing. The same will be handed out to the players of WSOP PA starting from August 8. The guaranteed 500,000 dollars Keystone Classic series and a progressive knockout series are in the offing for the late half of August. 

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