Year 2023 will mark the return of 54th annual World Series of Poker

The Senior Vice President and Executive Director of the World Series of Poker, Ty Stewart, takes the time to make an official announcement of the launch of the 54th version of the poker series in the year 2023. This is duly slated for some time in the summer months.   

He also doesn’t forget to mention that their debut, or the beginning of this poker play, on the Las Vegas Strip brought them tremendous popularity and goodwill and seemed to go down extremely well with the entire poker-playing crowd. He is quite positive that the news will be received by all of the potential players with a great deal of enthusiasm and delight on their part.

Both the current Paris Las Vegas and the upcoming Horseshoe Las Vegas will suitably accommodate this enormous and stunning event. In reality, it just so happened that this seems to have been the location where it was held the year before. 

From this point on, and in accordance with his own vision, it is going to be carried out on a scale that is significantly broader and more expansive than it ever has been before. The competition, which took place in the year 2022, is estimated to have had a participant crowd of around 197,626 players.

It just so happened that they came from over a hundred different nations, dispersed throughout the world in all directions. At this point, it also becomes clear why the tournament had such a large following, especially in light of the record-breaking $347.9 million total prize pool that was offered.

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