Jon Rahm tops the list ahead of the 2023 PGA Championship

The 2023 PGA Championship begins this Thursday, but fans across the world are already gearing up for the Golf tournament in their own way. Per numbers reported by BetMGM, Jon Rahm is at the top of the list as a favorite to win the tournament. He is carrying 8.3% of all bets in his favor.

Following are two more champions, namely Brooks Koepka and Scottie Scheffler, with 7.5% and 6.2% of all bets, respectively. Scottie could sweep in to steal the show, for he is the 2022 Masters winner. However, Jon has momentum speaking for him already. Rahm stood on the victorious stage at Augusta. It only remains to be seen how well he adjusts to the conditions. Bettors, for one, will have their eyes wide open to see if they are banking on their wager.

Assuming Jon wins the championship, it will be his second consecutive major victory after the Masters Golf Tournament that was held earlier this year. Excitement is around the PGA Championship also because Jon is now the most dangerous challenger, expected to win the title more than anyone else.

Rahm becomes the dangerous challenger based on how he performed in Masters. His raw talent was all over the field, along with precision and unwavering serenity. If the grand stage is all set for Thursday, then there is not an iota of doubt that Jon is not ready. Adding the PGA title to his name will further cement his position as a golfing icon.

Making that evident is Jon himself, finishing as a runner-up a total of eight times and third-place finish ten times in the golf tournaments. Adding more accolades to his name are top-10 finishes 70 times. The 28-year-old golfing star has won some noteworthy titles:

  • The American Express
  • The Genesis Invitational
  • The Sentry Tournament of Champions

His journey to winning on a grand platform began in 2021 when he featured in the US Open to conclude the event with a successful victory.

Jon Rahm has further won the World Cup in 2016 and stood as a winner in the Palmer Cup in 2014 & the following year. His contribution to the Ryder Cup victory in 2018 & 2020 will simply never be forgotten.

It may be hard to predict the final outcome of the 2023 PGA Championship, but Jon Rahm is likely to remain a favorite for a long time. Scottie definitely has a chance to shine brighter despite a lower bet percentage, according to BetMGM. Then so does Brooks Koepka, who closely follows Rahm on the list.

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