Kelly Stewart, a Sports Commentator, Based in Las Vegas, Has Been Hired by Barstool

Barstool Sports, a digital media business focusing on sports and contemporary culture, has recruited Kelly Stewart, a sports broadcaster and well-known female sports commentator. Her new position comes barely a year after she was dismissed from ESPN, and she’s recognized on social media as @kellyinvegas.

Stewart just wrote her first Barstool blog post, in which she declared that she would begin doing what she loves most in the world: playing sports and choosing winners to share with her followers. She remarked, “I’m going to have some hot takes and some terrible tweets.”

Stewart, who has over 125,000 Twitter followers, will now provide Barstool Sports with videos, media postings, blog articles, and a podcast. Barstool is active in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Illinois.

Stewart was dismissed by ESPN due to Statements she made on Twitter in the past

Stewart was hired as an expert on ESPN’s Daily Wager, a one-hour show dedicated to sports gambling news and information, in May. Stewart was scheduled to appear on Sports Center and other ESPN shows, but she was fired a month later before being exposed for anti-gay insults she made on Twitter in 2012.

Stewart apologized for her profanity and said that her insults were a reaction to internet assaults in a message posted on social media on June 4.

“I am the most despised lady in sports gambling,” she stated in her introduction to I’ve built a living playing the bad guy. Despite this, Barstool Sports still wanted to hire me. So, I’m here. And, to be honest, I’m not sure why I didn’t show up years ago.”

ESPN was chastised for their choice

The firing of ESPN’s Stewart made national headlines, prompting debate on social media about “how long should a person be penalized for old comments” and “how tough it is to be a woman in a male-dominated profession.”

Others have questioned whether ESPN made the correct move in letting her go and have chastised the business for failing to support her. Outkick’s creator, Clay Travis, responded to Stewart on Twitter, proposing she work for his firm.

However, ESPN released a social media policy statement for its workers in 2017, stating that the company’s involvement on social media platforms should be polite and responsible, with no political or other biases that may jeopardize the company’s public reputation.

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