Sports Betting Platform ZenSports Moves to Nevada

ZenSports’ bid to enter the Nevada gaming industry got approval from the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB). The board supports the company’s plans to run Lovelock’s Big Wheel Casino and Baldini’s Sports Casino’s sportsbook in Sparks.

However, the permission is only half of the issue; ZenSports’ license still needs approval by the Nevada Gaming Commission. It’s possible that getting that permission is quite a challenging part.

ZenSports has applied for licenses in neighboring states but has placed its plans on hold to secure its entry into the Nevada market. Instead of making bets through a typical sportsbook method, the firm named Smarkets and Prophet allows sports gamblers to bet against other bettors.

Peer-to-peer betting is not yet permitted in Nevada. 

ZenSports is a Bitcoin enthusiast with a Bitcoin-compatible API and is the owner of SPORTS digital token. Unless the property is a casino resort worth billions, there is a hesitation in NGC to issue the license because, in Nevada, crypto betting and peer-to-peer sports betting are illegal.

The Changing Scene in Nevada

It is witnessed that NGC will act without hesitation. Strategic Gaming Management obtained primary backing and is selling the two properties to ZenSports. The deal will be finalized once the ZenSports app for sports betting gets approval from the state, which might happen on 19th August after the commission meets.

There’s been a lot of talk about Nevada witnessing online gambling. Mark Thomas, CEO of ZenSports, says there’s a lot of interest coming from operators in adopting the company’s technology.

The launch of the land-based venues is a great thing, and Thomas believes that peer-to-peer sports betting and payment in Crypto will get legal status by next year. For quite some time now, this sector has been dominated by huge incumbents. Thomas believes that it will affect, and a startup like ZenSports is the ideal business to come along and accomplish just that.

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