Kyle Jeffrey Wins £200,000 at 2022 Grosvenor Goliath X Main Event

The 2022 Grosvenor Goliath X Main Event recently concluded with Kyle Jeffrey topping 10,584 participants. The player won the biggest poker tournament ever to take home a whopping 200,000 pounds winning amount.

As per the game news, Luke Cheslin ended the tourney at the second spot, winning 134,000 pounds. Before the event, Jeffrey merely had 11,000 pounds in total winnings. Now, the player has turned 150 pounds into what can be called a truly life-changing amount.

Here is a quick overview of the final table results of the event:

Final Table Results for the 2022 Grosvenor Goliath X Main Event 

1stKyle JeffreyUnited Kingdom200,000 pounds
2ndLuke CheslinUnited Kingdom134,000 pounds
3rdDavid ReedUnited Kingdom89,120 pounds
4thCharlie TarimoUnited Kingdom60,960 pounds
5thGeorgian GeorgescuRomania39,020 pounds
6thSaied YolmehUnited Kingdom26,820 pounds
7thYoung Seo YoonUnited Kingdom20,730 pounds
8thGareth CresswellUnited Kingdom17,070 pounds
9thPeter NortonUnited Kingdom14,630 pounds

After winning, Jeffrey was asked about the event and the overall experience. The player stated that Goliath was primarily all about fun with a minor chance to earn some money for future opportunities.

Jeffrey added that as soon as the payout reached 4,000 pounds, the player started thinking it was huge. The amount kept growing until the player focused more on the game, got the chips, and played naturally. 

Since Jeffrey has extensive experience in hyper turbos, the player managed to keep the pressure on the opponents towards the end. It paid off, and the player also got lucky with the cards. 

The entire arena was delighted with Jeffrey winning as the player followed Elliott Marais’ win four years ago at the same event. 

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