Las Vegas Bar Will Host Layne Flack’s Memorial

Layne Flack’s family and friends are holding a memorial on August 20th at a bar in Las Vegas. The group has decided to share memories and stories of the late comedic professional who passed away recently.

Matt Savage, Executive Tour Director at WPT, is backing the function since he was also close with Layne. The event will run from 5 pm to 8 pm at Brooksy’s Bar and Grill.

Matt talked about the function in an interview, stating he is expecting some of Layne’s close friends to be there. Some of the names include Todd Brunson, Chip Jett, and Ted Forrest. While Matt also wants Doyle Brunson to be present, the player might not be able to make it.

The player turned 88 recently and, despite being a legend, is relatively away from the limelight. Unfortunately, as the player planned to participate in multiple World Series of Poker Events this fall, his wife, Louis Brunson, experienced a medical condition. While Louise left the hospital the same day, the legend prefers to be at home with her. That is why the participation of Doyle is not confirmed.

Rk Brooks, the owner of Brooksy’s Bar and Grill, was also a close friend of Layne. The bar is located at 9295 Flamingo Road, Las Vegas. The bar will offer a limited space since Matt expects several of Layne’s friends to make it to the function. 

Before passing away at the age of 52, Layne created a legacy within the poker circuit. Thus, the function will surely be filled with numerous stories and incidents regarding the player. 

The player scored five World Series of Poker gold bracelets between 1999-2003, accounting for six of the total career wins. Matt went as far as to state that Layne was the best in business during the 2000s by a mile.

The player is also known to be a great father, gambler, and golfer. Many even deem Layne as one of the funniest players in the space. Layne spent most of his life in Las Vegas and won over 5 million dollars in tournaments.

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