Las Vegas Sands attempts full recovery after posting net revenue in Q2

Las Vegas Sands is yet to make a full recovery, but it could very well be on the path. Per reports made public, Sands has registered an increase of 333% in the most recent quarter in comparison to the same quarter of last year. Specifically speaking, the net revenue came to a total of $2.54 billion. This is an increase of $1.5 billion.

Its revenue is at $1.86 billion in total, which is a jump of $1.1 billion. While the net revenue is still behind the highest-ever figure of $3.3 billion, there is no denying the fact that it is achievable in the times to come. That mark was dropped in the second quarter of 2019.

The figure of $2.54 billion reported by Sands is a massive 141% increase over the second quarter of 2022. The one to lead this charge is Marina Bay, with a massive contribution of $925 million. This is an opposing view of what one was expecting following the drop to $1.04 billion in the second quarter of 2022. The reason this is significant is that the same number was $1.17 million in the second quarter of the previous year, that is, 2021.

Net revenue for every venue has also been shared by the brand. It highlights that Marina Bay is closely followed by Venetian Macao, with a reflection of $653 million. Others on the list are Londoner Macau, Parisian Macau, Plaza & Four Seasons Macau, and Sand Macau, with net revenue of $$402 million, $239 million, $223 million, and $84 million, respectively, for their gambling and betting business.

In the latest casino news, Sands has further elaborated that the total property EBITDA comes to $973 million. This is an increase of $181 million as compared to the previous quarter of the current year, that is, Q1-2023. Marina Bay Sands leads the charge with $432 million. It is followed by Venetian Macau, Londoner Macau, Plaza & Four Seasons Macau, Parisian Macau, and Sands Macau, at $252 million, $103 million, $91 million, $74 million, and $15 million, respectively.

It is pretty evident that the property which is contributing the most to the growth is Marina Bay Sands. It has been termed the crown jewel of its properties. Not just because it dominates the Singapore skyline but also because it has been pushing the business numbers for the brand.

Talking specifically about Marina Bay Sands, one can see that its revenue has only grown since 2020. The most recent number is $925 million. This is followed by $679 million for 2022, $327 million for 2021, and 23 million for 2020.

Overall, the first half of the current year has ended with Sands making $4.66 billion in net revenue. This is an increase of 134% when compared to the first half of 2022.

Stock prices have taken a hit, but they are on the verge of rising as well. The most recent number, during the drafting of the article, was $58.90 per share. This is a slight increase from $58.59 in July.

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