MGM announces a surprising change in Las Vegas Strip gambling

MGM just dropped surprising news regarding Las Vegas Strip gambling, and it can revolutionize gambling altogether.The casino operator now allows players to share their gameplay and big wins. According to the latest memo by, MGM has revamped its rules to support video capturing at Las Vegas casinos.

It was a major policy change since players were not allowed to take photographs or videos at table games. While players were allowed to take photos of the facility, using them during table games was prohibited. The latest memo by MGM changes that with The Gaming Streaming, Video, and Photo Policy. The new policy is set to be launched soon, and it is aimed at allowing players to take videos and photos during games. Moreover, the policy allows players to share that content in real-time across social media channels.

It is important to note that players cannot use devices or videos that can affect the gameplay. Although the rules surrounding camera use are changing, players are still prohibited from leaving any object on the table for a long time. In addition, players cannot engage in long calls while sitting at the table.

Taking videos or photos of gaming equipment, like card shoes, cameras, roulette wheels, and card shufflers, are still banned.But players can now text or engage in brief calls in a manner that does not interrupt the games. One more important point to note in the videos is that players must avoid capturing MGM employees.

Recording game audio or playing other audio from the device is currently prohibited. In case someone wants to live stream a game, they must acquire permission from MGM beforehand. 

Popular operators. Wynn Resorts and Caesars Entertainment still restrict players from using their devices at the table. However, with MGM taking the lead, other Strip operators are expected to follow them. 

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