Las Vegas and Macau earn record revenue

This time around, both Las Vegas, as well as Macau have been successful in generating a record amount of revenue for themselves. However, Macau landed up and managed to collect the amount of $760 million more than what Las Vegas achieved. In the case of Las Vegas, the amount put out in the public domain is a total of $1.16 billion, which speaks of a 3% increase. 

In Clark County itself, which incidentally is home to the Las Vegas Strip, the figure amounted to a total of $995 million. Where the revenue generated through slots is concerned, the figure that was shared was to the tune of $389.4 million, which in other words, means an increase of 8%. In this connection, the leader turned out to be the blackjack, which accounted for a record revenue generation amounting to $74.1 million. In this case, it was an increase of 6%. 

Where the Chinese side in general, and Macau in particular, is concerned, the gambling spots there witnessed an overall increase of an astonishing 366%, as compared to the month of May 2022. It turned out that, following a year later, in the month of May 2023, the revenue generated reached a high of $ 1.92 billion, or in the Macau currency, the amount stood at MOP$15.5 billion. 

Although Macau is witnessing a really quick and significant jump in figures, the scenario is not half as productive as it was previous to the covid situation. At that point in time, in the year 2019, the revenue amount had reached an unbelievable $36 billion, as compared to the assumptions for this year reaching the figure of $16 billion. One factor that is attributed to the decrease in revenue generation is the fact that Macau’s overall market share now lies distributed over other territories. The up-market section has witnessed a dip of approximately 20%, with places such as Singapore taking a big bite. 

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