MGM Resorts’ affiliate LeoVegas Group acquires Tipico’s US sportsbook

LeoVegas Group, subsidiary of MGM Resorts, has entered into an agreement to acquire Tipico’s US sportsbook. 

According to LeoVegas, the takeover is second in line among the company’s previous takeovers, such as Push Gaming, a game creator last year. The takeover will give LeoVegas the option of running an established sportsbook in every global market. Those associated with the BetMGM JV will be exempt, with the aim of enhancing customer exposure and providing top-notch facilities.

Tipico will be closing its doors to its US operations prior to the conclusion of the takeover proposal. As per the agreement that was reached, LeoVegas will receive Tipico’s management level professionals, technology, and team members who are responsible for trading in the United States, Columbia, and Europe.

According to Gary Fritz, the President of MGM Resorts International Interactive, the acquisition of Tipico is a significant step towards expanding BetMGM’s online gaming operations globally. By having access to the expertise of Tipico’s management team as well as its advanced technology, they will now be witnessing a higher level of games being created, helping their company grow further. 

According to Gustaf Hagman, the CEO of LeoVegas, they are confident that they will be able to provide their connected gaming devotees with a greater level of iGaming exposure by assuming control of their own sportsbook technology.

MGM Resorts International is located all around the globe. To its credit, it has the classiest of properties, in the form of hotels and casinos, bringing to the table every kind of luxury facility one can imagine. To put it simply, they are all extremely exclusive.

LeoVegas Group, a leading iGaming business, is dedicated to creating an unparalleled iGaming experience through the exceptional quality of its games. Nine separate companies in ten locations offer online casino games, land-based ones, and sports wagering options.

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