Bally’s Corporation links up with ROGA to further RG execution

Bally’s Corporation has connected with the Responsible Online Gaming Association (ROGA) to take forward matters related to responsible gaming via its contributions. Factors will pertain to caring for the interests of gamers and adopting better preventive measures so that players do not go astray. 

Through the link-up with ROGA, Bally’s will also have the opportunity to connect with companies, including Bet365, BetMGM, DraftKings, Fanatics Betting, and Gaming, along with other ROGA members. The activity involvement will be related to responsible gaming, the funding of research, response, and protective measures, and the creation of further exposure about the perils associated with irresponsible gaming. 

According to the Executive Director of ROGA, Dr. Jennifer Shatley, there is the pleasure of gaming, along with the consequences related to unsafe gaming. The operators getting connected with them is a most welcoming factor as gamers will receive proper awareness about maintaining a better balance for their interests. She is certain Bally’s will play an integral role in this. 

In the words of the Chief Executive Officer at Bally’s, Robeson Reeves, the purpose behind joining up with ROGA is to effectively contribute towards clearing the unfortunate situation created by irresponsible gaming and its after effects. In their opinion, the idea is to bring about a cleaner and more vibrant iGaming space for all concerned, and what better way than connecting with ROGA to properly achieve all of this. 

The operators associated with ROGA have pitched in an amount exceeding $20 million for taking up various initiatives related to responsible gaming. 

ROGA is responsible for assembling the big time online operators for furthering the concept of responsible gaming. Through their contributions, both towards the necessary activities and initiatives, along with funding, it will be possible for them to be the game changers in the iGaming space. 

In the case of Bally’s Corporation, it is involved in offering entertainment options, having under its wing 15 casinos throughout 10 states and a whole lot of other prime properties.

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